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About us


Our story

Our journey began in 2012 when our founder, Nick Maddaloni, brought himself to the west coast looking to fulfill the lifelong passion of becoming an agricultural master. The sprawling farmland outside California’s capital provided the perfect environment for Nick to hone the techniques that continue to serve him well. Determined to secure longevity in this business, in 2015 he invested in the purchase of the first ten-acre plot where skills were acquired by a truly hands on and self-taught experience.

With a successful business that was growing quickly, he took every opportunity to expand. As 2017 dawned, Nick found himself to be a local influencer in the hemp farming community, well respected by his peers for his deep knowledge and growing techniques, as well as his obsessive attention to detail. Creating this unique niche, we’ve worked with many top producers in the agricultural field harvesting and cultivating thousands of acres with our proprietary technology. Fast forward to today, where Gmb Farms has planted, harvested and processed over one-hundred acres of cannabis(hemp) in 2020 solely for use in CBD Products.

After many seasons of practice, GMB Farms is achieving a 90% germination rate on high potency CBD hemp. Well known for its best in class ground prepping that ensures the healthiest crops. Every step in the cultivation process is heavily monitored and tested to ensure consistency, from water levels, nutrients, soil quality, to seed cultivation and growth. There’s no limit to the dedication to bring the highest quality CBD oil to market with each and every crop.
With complete transparency, we want to give our customers the confidence and peace of mind to use our CBD products knowing that they are safe and always fairly priced.